KemSafe CES Cable Enclosure System



KemSafe CES

A prefabricated fire protection cable enclosure system, supplied in bespoke sections, ready for onsite installation

Kemwell KemSafe cable enclosure systems (CES) are specifically designed and manufactured to provide optimum fire protection and thermal insulation performance at high temperatures.

KemSafe CES is a proven solution for the protection of medium and high voltage cables in the building and construction industry, and a tested solution to the requirements of BS 8519:2020.

Electrical cables which may pose a significant risk in fire scenarios are installed in many areas of a building, including corridors, and also often distributed to adjoining rooms and compartments.

Corridors are used as escape routes during a fire; therefore, cable installations are of particular concern to those responsible for the safety of the building and its occupants, especially with electrical short circuits being a major cause of a fire, and the risk of smoke and toxic gases accumulating in access and escape routes.

KemSafe CES inhibit the spread of fire and heat when ignited inside the duct, containing it and stopping it entering other compartments (e.g. corridor escape routes) for enough time to allow safe evacuation or for the emergency services to enter.

KemSafe CES provides protection when the fire is from the outside to maintain the functionality of the cable installations. This is of vital importance as electricity is often required to sustain emergency and exit lighting or alarm systems and other emergency and support systems required to remain active and operational during a fire.

You can specify KemSafe CES with confidence.

  • Power cables
  • Control cables
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Lifts
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Emergency power systems
  • Smoke and heat extract systems
  • Essential life support systems
  • Vital Computer, IT and communication networks
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Public Sector
  • Retail, sports and leisure
  • Residential


  • London Wall Place
  • The Scalpel
  • Principal Place
  • Rathbone Place
  • St. Helens Place
  • The International Quarter
  • 100 Bishopsgate
  • Leicester Square Royal
  • Liverpool University Hospital

we manufacture and provide the contracting/installation of our

CABLE enclosure systems.


Fire Performance

Kemwell KemSafe CES has been Tested to meet BS 8519: 2010 and EN 1366-5: 2020 to provide EI180 fire resistance classification for integrity and insulation.

KemSafe CES is tested for both Type A and Type B fires (i.e. inside to out and outside to in).


Thermal/Acoustic Insulation

Provides optimum insulation performance at high temperatures and has a more efficient thermal conductivity compared to standard boards


Excellent dimensional stability and lightweight construction manufactured using corrosion proof materials for durability.

Prefabricated for Ease of Installation

Simple to create modular duct and shaft enclosures offsite. Systems can be adapted on-site and include a robust hanging system which is designed for all substrates.

Bespoke sizing relating to the cable size and the box can be minimised to reduce/save space and costs.



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