Kemwell Soffit Liner


Kemwell KSL Soffit Liner 

A1 non-combustible thermal, fire and acoustic insulation liner for concrete soffits

Kemwell Soffit Liner (KSL) is an A1 non-combustible building board which is ideally suited for providing effective fire resistance and thermal insulation in commercial and industrial building projects.

The board is available with a variety of facings – High impact (6mm calcium silicate board), foil-faced, white tissue faced, black tissue faced and plain. 

Kemwell Soffit Liner boards have a reaction to fire classification of A1 as defined in BS EN 13501-1. 

You can specify Kemwell Soffit Liner with confidence.

What sizes / finishes of ksl are available?

The board is available with a variety of facings:

  • High impact (with 6mm calcium silicate board)
  • Foil-faced
  • White tissue faced
  • Black tissue faced
  • Plain

 Thicknessses Available

  • 130mm
  • 145mm
  • 150mm
  • 160mm


  • 1200mm x 600mm

Suitable for use with concrete soffits where a thermal, fire or acoustic performance is required.

Kemwell Soffit Liner board provides a cost effective solution for fire resistance and thermal insulation needs in concrete car park soffits and similar applications.

Kemwell Soffit Liner board is manufactured using high performing, non-combustible stone wool insulation. The high impact version has a 6mm rigid calcium silicate board facing. This combination of two non-combustible products provides increased impact resistance and durability in addition to improved fire safety. Also available in plain, white tissue faced and black tissue faced

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Fire Resistance

Concrete soffits of various thicknesses can be upgraded for fire with Kemwell Soffit Liner when fixed to the concrete soffit using the recommended fixings and patterns for each Kemwell Soffit Liner board size. Please consult Kemwell for appropriate thickness of board and insulation for various fire ratings.

Moisture Weather Resistant

Kemwell Soffit Liner boards are water repellent and will not deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions and will not encourage mould or bacteria growth.

Dimensional Stability

Kemwell Soffit Liner board has excellent dimensional stability.

Easy Workability

Kemwell Soffit Liner boards can be easily cut to accommodate services and simply butt together at joints.

Acoustic and Thermal Benefits

The thermal performance and acoustic insulation provided by the Kemwell Soffit Liner board is greatly effective. The KSL board has a thermal conductivity (k value) of 0.036 W/mK.

Thermal resistance of un-faced Soffit Liner:
130mm Soffit Liner: 3.61 m² K/W
140mm Soffit Liner: 3.89 m² K/W
150mm Soffit Liner: 4.17 m² K/W
160mm Soffit Liner: 4.44 m² K/W

A concrete floor slab of 200mm thick underlined with 130mm thick Kemwell Soffit

Liner would achieve a U-value of 0.25W/ m² k. With 160mm thick Kemwell Soffit Liner, a U-value of 0.20 W/m² k can be achieved.

Chemical Stability

Kemwell Soffit Liner boards are chemically inert and compatible with most materials that encounter the KSL board in normal building applications.


They can be easily decorated to match designs and colour schemes.


Kemwell Soffit Liner is a lightweight but strong composite board. System performance is unaffected by the hazards and condition of its working environment. It does not rot.

Vermin Resistance

Kemwell Soffit Liner boards remain unaffected by rodent, termite and insect attack.

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