MultiKem MP-1000® Calcium Silicate Board


MultiKem MP-1000® Calcium Silicate Building Board

A1 non-combustible multi-purpose fire resistant building board for interior and semi-exposed applications

Kemwell MultiKem MP-1000® is an easy to install, non-combustible calcium silicate building board, combining fire, moisture and impact resistance with thermal insulation properties. It provides up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

It is a versatile and lightweight Class 0 board but has the required strength for a wide range fire passive fire protection projects, including internal partitions, ceilings and semi-exposed applications.

The boards have excellent dimensional stability under heat and in severe moisture environments, and are suitable for installation in damp and wet areas.

In the building and construction industry lightweight structures are gaining wide spread recognition and acceptance against traditional brick and masonry. MultiKem MP-1000® partition systems provide solutions to meet most design criteria for lightweight walls and ceilings.

You can specify Kemwell MultiKem MP-1000® with confidence.

What sizes are available?
6, 9, 12, 15mm

2400 x 1200mm
2440 x 1220mm

Note: All standard boards come with cut square edges. Recessed edges may be available and can be produced to special order.

Manufacturing Tolerances

Thickness:     +/- 5mm
Width:            +/- 5mm
Length:          +/- 0.3mm

Boards manufactured in accordance with:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Standard Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems
  • Fire rated walls
  • Dry wall systems and acoustic partitions
  • Acoustic ceilings
  • Fixed smoke curtains/barriers
  • Decorative and moisture resistance ceilings
  • Curved architectural ceilings
  • Bathroom and shower partitions
  • Access panels in wet areas
  • Backing boards for tiles and cladding
  • Fire rated industrial wall linings
  • Aesthetic casings for electrical and mechanical building services
  • Wall, roof, soffit, porch, parapet and canopy linings
  • Composite panels
  • Perforated finishes
  • Door upgrades
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality and conference facilities
  • Retail and shopping malls
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Education
  • Healthcare and leisure
  • Industrial
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Residential properties


Fire Resistance

MultiKem MP-1000® provides up to 120 minutes fire resistance and meets BS 476 Part 4 and BS EN ISO 1182 Euro Class A1.

It has an A1 non-combustible (construction applications) reaction to fire classification, according to EN 13501-1: 2007, as classified by Exova Warrington fire in the UK.

Acoustic Performance

MultiKem MP-1000® is an economic solution for both acoustic ceilings and partitions. A perforated panel when used with mineral wool provides an excellent sound absorption material. This has been widely used in opera houses, conference rooms & lecture theatres around the world.

It is also good sound insulator which when suitably constructed with steel stud and mineral wool infill will achieve a sound transmission class up to 60dB (STC 60).

Moisture and Weather Resistant

MultiKem MP-1000® retains its excellent dimensional stability, even in damp and humid conditions. It can be installed at an early stage of construction programme, even before the building is weather tight. It is suitable for semi-exposed applications and can be left undecorated. Boards are ideal for installation in damp and wet areas, as the boards are also rot proof and resistant to mould growth.

Chemical Stability

It is a chemically stable building material and is unaffected by contact with most chemicals.

Dimensional Stability

MultiKem MP-1000® has excellent dimensional stability under heat and in severe moisture environments. It also has a small expansion rate. Boards are suitable for most industrial applications due to good impact resistance.

Easy Workability

It is easy to install, it is simple to cut, drill, shape and fixed. It can be worked in the same way as timber products with no special tools required. MultiKem MP-1000® is also maintenance friendly.

Smooth Surface

MultiKem MP-1000® has a smooth surface making it easy to apply a decorative finish to, such as tiles, paint or wallpaper.


MultiKem MP-1000® is a lightweight but strong building board. System performance is unaffected by the hazards and condition of its working environment.

Vermin Resistant

MultiKem MP-1000® remains unaffected by rodent, termite and insect attack.


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