Kemwell has established three distinct and separate companies, Kemwell PFP Ltd., Kemwell Facades Ltd., and Kemwell CES Ltd., now all part of the Kemwell Group Ltd. allowing us to provide a more dedicated and expert service.

We will now have a greater focus on our main areas of business: Passive Fire Protection, Facades and Cladding, and the manufacture and installation of Critical Life Safety Cable Enclosures.

The alternations in the group structure are the culmination of numerous changes during the last couple of years, due to the phenomenal sales growth, which has resulted in significant investment in the workforce; new dedicated premises (combining offices, manufacturing, assembly and warehousing), the introduction of new products, and product testing and certification.

We have put in place additional resources internally so that our customers receive enhanced technical support and customer service. Our distributors will be able to purchase products directly from each of the new companies.

These changes will allow us to provide enhanced and more specialised support to everyone we deal with, from our distributors, to providing technical support during the design and specification stage, and of course, onsite support during installation and build to contractors.

Peter Keenan

Sales and Marketing Director, Kemwell Group Limited

The new companies will begin operations and trading with effect from 3rd April 2023.

Kemwell PFP will focus on passive fire protection products and insulation for internal use in Great Britain.

Kemwell Facades will concentrate on external weather protection products for wall and roofing and external wall insulation products in Great Britain.

Kemwell CES will provide bespoke manufacturing and contracting/installation of our cable enclosure systems on a worldwide basis.

Kemwell Facades

NOTE: For Ireland and Northern Ireland, Kemwell Fire International will still sell all products across Passive Fire Protection and Facades product ranges.  Cable enclosure systems will be available from Kemwell CES Ltd.


Our internal processes have been changing behind the scenes in recent months to reflect these new arrangements and to make the transition for our customers as smooth as possible.

These new companies will begin operations and trading with effect from 3rd April 2023.

Our Account customers will need to start placing orders with the relevant company they need products from. Invoices will be issued from the new companies.



If you are an Architect, Consultant, Contractor, Engineer, Technician or Surveyor, please contact us as normal for Project and Technical support.

However, if you have any questions in relation to how these changes may affect you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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