Pharmaceutical Production Facility Plant, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Aug 2, 2023

PROJECT: Pharmaceutical Production Facility Plant

LOCATION: Co. Tipperary, Ireland

KEMWELL PRODUCTS: Kemwell Impact Board (Approx. 4500m², 9.5mm board) | Corex A1 Board (1200m², 20mm board)

SECTOR: Pharmaceutical

ARCHITECT: Jacobs Engineering, Dublin


INSTALLATION CONTRACTOR: PFP Ireland High Performance Systems Ltd (JV Becketts & PFP Ireland)


The Kemwell team worked closely in conjunction with Jacobs Engineering, Ardmac and PFP / HPS on this job to provide practical and workable solutions to the specialised requirements of this prestigious project in the pharmaceutical production sector located in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

As this project included many innovative and challenging designs to realise, it was paramount that our project team worked closely with all involved in the project to ensure the ‘first of a kind’ installations were successfully achieved.

Solutions were developed for the encasement of the steel and fire & blast walls as well as all interfaces and junctions, based on our range of tested systems. The Kemwell team advised to ensure the installations were according to the specified tested systems. Our team was available onsite to support all parties involved with answers to questions arising during the construction to avoid unnecessary delays.

This was a Corex A1 structural steel protection project, also using Kemwell Impact Board for fire and blast protection.


20mm Corex A1 Board was used to provide 120 minutes fire protection to the structural steel members. This was installed over the course of the initial few months of the project before external walls were installed. This meant that the product needed to be suitable for exposure to the elements. Corex A1 Board can be left fully exposed for up to 6 months prior to the building becoming weathertight.

9.5mm thick Kemwell Impact Board is tested to provide fire and blast resistance. Kemwell Impact Board was used in this project to form fire and blast resistant barriers with fire performance of 120 minutes and blast resistance of up to 50kN/m² on all walls.