A huge warehouse fire has completely destroyed two units at an industrial complex in Braintree, Essex, during the early morning of Saturday 1st September.

Nine crews of firefighters were involved in fighting the blaze which broke out at the Springwood Drive industrial site. Loud bangs were heard which due to tyres and cylinders exploding within the building.

Essex Fire and Rescue Service said it had been “extremely hard to stop” flames from spreading to other units within the complex. An investigation is due to take place in to the cause of the fire.

Incident Commander Mark Samuels said: “Firefighters have worked extremely hard to stop this fire from spreading to the other two businesses in this large industrial unit.

“Unfortunately two units have been completely destroyed but we were able to save the other two units.”

One of the destroyed units was used as a kitchen and furniture warehouse, the other was used to store vehicles.

Watch the video below:

Fires in factories, warehouses and distribution facilities can be totally devastating, and are categorised as high-risk environments because they often contain a significant amount of combustible or valuable products and equipment. The potential of a fire starting and spreading quickly is significant and often with adjoining units, the damage is not limited to the building where the fire originally started.

As well as protecting the building, equipment and stock, there is also a large risk to workers and the environment.  Luckily, it seems no life was lost in Braintree, probably due to the early morning start of the fire and it being the weekend, as well as the brave work of the firefighters.

Regardless of the cause being an accidental, negligence or foul play, it is vital that all those responsible for safety in warehouses and factories ensure they review its fire protection and if it is inadequate, install systems that will withstand high levels of intense fire, stop heat transferring through the unit, and allow for safe escape routes to be maintained until emergency fire services arrive to fight the fire. Don’t let the Braintree warehouse fire happen to you.

A system like Kemwell Impact Board, which combines fire, impact and blast properties, can help save life, stock or equipment and reduce rebuild costs, as well as giving businesses a better chance of surviving or being able to operate again as quickly as possible.

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Main Photo: Essex Fire and Rescue Service.