Kemwell is proud to expand our product offering once again and bring Kemwell Corex A1 to the UK and Ireland markets.

Kemwell Corex A1 is a non-combustible gypsum board for applications where superior fire performance and innovative solutions are required, such as structural steel protection, shaft walls, partitions, and ceiling linings.

A building with a steel frame system should withstand fire, without losing its integrity during the fire, at least for long enough to evacuate people from the building. To achieve this, the load-bearing steel columns and beams must maintain their integrity at high temperatures for long periods without losing their carrying capacity and integrity. Steel encased with Kemwell Corex A1 can maintain their load-bearing capacity for up to 240 minutes.

The core of Kemwell Corex A1 is reinforced with special additives to enhance fire resistance and moisture resistance meaning the board can be installed prior to the building becoming weather-tight. Both sides of Kemwell Corex A1 are covered with a completely non-flammable fibre glass mat, meaning the board is classified as A1 non-combustible in accordance with EN 13501-1.



Fire Resistance

Kemwell Corex A1 is a Euroclass A1 non-combustible board providing excellent protection against fire and is rated to EN 13501-1.

Thermal Properties

Kemwell Corex A1 thermal conductivity is rated at 0.25 W/mK

Easy Workability

Kemwell Corex A1 can be installed horizontally or vertically and is easy to use and resistant to fractures.


Kemwell Corex A1 is dimensional stable resulting in minimal shrinkage and expansion.


Kemwell Corex A1 is a breathable material which creates a healthier environment.

You can specify Kemwell Corex A1 with confidence.

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