Kemwell Fire International Ltd has released a brand new brochure for Kemwell Impact Board –  A High Performance A1 non-combustible Fire, Blast & Impact Protection Board or Barrier system.

In the event of a major fire, large facilities, walls or enclosures could be subjected to extreme conditions and possible impact damage due to falling debris, leading to total structural failure and in some cases, total collapse. In circumstances of extreme fire it is vital both materials and construction are capable of sustaining their design function.

Kemwell Impact Board achieves a fire rating of 4 hours when subject to these extreme conditions, and together with its ability to withstand impact gives it the strength to protect in the harshest of fires.

Kemwell Impact Board fire barrier systems combine superior levels of fire resistance and high surface impact resistance. They will withstand the wear and tear of industrial and commercial environments and resist the forces of high pressure hose streams encountered during fire-fighting. These outstanding characteristics provide a durable and fire safe method for the construction of vertical barrier systems to maintain compartmentation in industrial environments.

The Kemwell Impact Board system has been developed with durability, structural stability and fire performance in mind. The system is ideally suitable for the construction of non-loadbearing internal partition walls and ceilings that require a tested fire rating to act as fire walls or compartmentation walls.

The Kemwell Impact Board system is ideally suited for the construction of non-loadbearing internal partition walls that require a tested fire rating to act as firewalls or compartmentation walls. The insurance industry recognises the value of passive fire protection and the important role of compartmentation in improving safety and potential losses in this area.

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Impact Board is ideally suited for use in the following sectors:

  • Energy and Power Generation
  • Petrochemical
  • Transportation
  • Factories and Warehousing
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Banking and financial
  • Government and public buildings
  • Security vaults
  • Communication centres
  • Retail, sports and leisure
  • High-rise commercial buildings

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