Kemwell FlexiJet – Jet fire rated protection systems

A jet or spray fire is a turbulent diffusion flame resulting from the combustion of a fuel continuously released with some significant momentum in a particular direction or directions. Jet fires can arise from releases of gaseous, flashing liquid (two-phase) and pure liquid inventories.

Jet fires represent a significant element of the risk associated with major accidents on offshore installations. The high heat fluxes to impinged or engulfed objects can lead to structural failure or vessel/pipework failure and possible further escalation. The rapid development of a jet fire has important consequences for control and isolation strategies.

Kemwell FlexiJet is an effective jet fire rated system that delivers protection of sensitive instrumentation and equipment from the destructive effects of a jet fire. It is a safe, versatile and cost-effective product that is easy to install.


Kemwell FlexiJet is tested in accordance with ISO 22899-1:2007 to exceed temperatures in excess of 1000°C and to maintain the full structural integrity of the equipment and is Lloyd’s Register Assessed & Approved.

The single-tier jackets are highly flexible, providing easy access and maneuverability and protect a wide range of applications including ESDV’s, actuator valve vessels, pipework and instrumentation in hazardous areas on and offshore.


  • A’ class and IMO HSC steel, aluminium and PVC composite bulkhead and deck insulation in high-speed craft
  • Upgrading of fire performance of composite panels to meet IMO room corner test requirements
  • H class and A-class steel bulkhead and deck fire protection for ships and offshore platforms
  • Hydrocarbon and jet fire protection of process pipes
  • Hydrocarbon and jet fire protection of vessels
  • Infill to fire doors and cladding panels
  • Construction joints
  • Cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire protection of structural steelwork

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