Kemwell Fire International Limited, leading experts in the supply and manufacture of fire protection products for the building and construction industry will launch their Kemwell FPL Fireplace Lining Calcium Silicate Board at the Hearth & Home Exhibition, Harrogate International Conference centre, 9-11th June.

Visitors to the show will be able to see the new Kemwell FPL Fireplace Lining Calcium Silicate Board System on stand C31. An installed system can also be seen on the Woodwarm Stoves (stand B10).

Peter Keenan, Kemwell’s Sales and Marketing Director explains the background behind the launch. “The market is uneducated about what is the correct type of board to use for chimney breast and fireplace linings. Many installers will just assume that standard fire-rated boards are suitable. However, the reality is that they are not fit for purpose as the sustained intensity of heat, coupled with subsequent cooling after each fire means that unless the board is able to remain dimensionally stable, the board is highly likely to crack.

“If the board does crack, it will not only negate the fire resisting characteristics of the board, but it will also need replacing with a fit for purpose board. A cracked board will make the room in need of redecoration but more importantly, could cause the building to catch fire and put lives at risk. Kemwell FPL Calcium Silicate board overcomes this problem from the outset.”

Kemwell FPL is a safe, reliable and robust chimney breast lining system, specifically designed for stoves and cassette and inset fireplaces. The system can resist continuous high temperatures up to 1000°C and the board will remain dimensionally stable during and after heating.

To ensure householder safety, compliance with the required HETAS standards is vital, both in terms of product selection and correct installation. All components of a fireplace lining system should be compatible and fire safe. The Kemwell FPL calcium silicate board system is A1 non-combustible, the highest level of fire performance. Kemwell boards are easy to handle, transport and install.

Kemwell FPL is designed to meet Building Regulations Part J (Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems), providing homeowners, architects, developers, and contractors with adaptability and performance benefits to enable safe and innovative designs in the home.

Kemwell Fire International is a specialist passive fire protection company focused on the protection of life, buildings, and the surrounding environment by meeting the relevant regulatory standard and making life simple for specifiers and installers, as well as providing peace of mind to householders and businesses.

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